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Cincinnati Gravel Delivery

Bray has been providing the Greater Cincinnati area with quality gravel for over 70+ years! We pride ourselves on service and have the capacity to deliver the type of gravel you need for residential and commercial projects.

Disclaimer – Pictures do not reflect exact look of material and are for reference only. Material sizes are approximations and may vary in size.

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#2 Limestone

Also Known As: #2’s
Size: 1″ to 3″
Uses: For general use, driveways, and construction
Notes: Used by the State of Kentucky as a road base

57 Limestone

Size: 1″ to 3/16”
Uses: General use, driveways
Notes: Good all purpose fill topcoat for flat driveways

304 Limestone

Also Known As: B19, 610L
Size: 1 1/2” to powder
Uses: For general use, driveways, and construction
Notes: Good packing stone, good topcoat for hilly driveways, for road base, good on berms, and good for asphalt parking lots

Dense Grade

Also Knows As: 411 Limestone, 3/4 Crusher Run
1” to powder
Uses: General use, driveways, and paving
Notes: Good packing stone, good topcoat for flat or hilly driveways, under concrete slabs/asphalt (pug or wet)

Crushed Concrete

Also Known As: Recycled Dense Grade Aggregate
1” to powder
Uses: Driveways, paving
Notes: Good topcoat for flat or hilly driveways, under concrete slabs/asphalt

#8 Limestone

Also Known As: #9 Limestone, #8 Chips, Chips
Size: 3/8″ to 3/32” chips
Uses: For construction, driveways, and asphalt
Notes: Chip seal, topping, special surface course asphalt

Crush Stone Base

Size: 1 1/2″ to powder
Uses: Driveways
Notes: Topcoat

Limestone Sand

Also Known As: Sand
3/16” to powder
Uses: Fill

Rip Rap 2

Also Known As: Class 2 Channel Lining, Small Rip Rap
Size: 5″ to 9″
Uses: Ditches
Notes: Lining in ditches

Rip Rap 3

Also Known As:Class 3 Channel Lining, Large Rip Rap
9″ to 14″
Uses: Hills, ditches
Notes: Good for slope protection filling

Crushed 8's

Size: 3/8″ to 3/22”
Uses: Construction
Notes: All purpose underneath concrete/blacktop

Agg Lime

Size: 1/8” to powder
Uses: Agricultural Fields


Uses: Fill, backfill


Size: 5” to 1/2”

Quick Lime

Also Known As: Burnt Lime
Uses: Used to dry wet soil quickly

#4 Washed Gravel

Also Known As: #4 River Gravel, #4 Round Gravel
1 1/2″ to 3/4”
Uses: Landscaping, roofs

#57 Gravel

Also Known As: 1 inch round, #57 River Gravel, #57 Round Gravel
1″ to 3/16”
Uses: Foundations
Notes: 1 inch “round” or “crushed”, specify with order. Outside footers.

Pea Gravel

Also Known As: Fill gravel
Size: 3/8”
Uses: Foundations, construction, landscaping, concrete
Notes: Inside footers, pipe backfill, under concrete slabs, for buildup roofs, pipe bedding, drainage/aggregate for concrete block and pipe

Spec 8

Size: Slightly larger than pea gravel
Uses: Ingredient for concrete

Oversize Gravel

Size: 1″ to 5”
Uses: Landscaping


Size: BB Size
Uses: Fill, ice
Notes: Pipe backfill, under concrete slabs, ice control


Size: 6″ and down
Uses: Fill
Notes: Pipe backfill, large holes

Fill Sand

Also Known As: Pipe Sand
Size: 1/4″ and down
Uses: Fill
Pipe backfill, under concrete slabs, large holes, baseball infields

Concrete Sand

Also Known As: Coarse Sand
3/16″ and down
Uses: Construction, Concrete
Notes: Rock and stone walls, used in ready mix concrete

Ballfield Sand

Also Known As: Loam Sand

Mortar Sand

Also Known As: Brick sand, fine sand, mason sand
Size: 1/16″ and down
Uses: Construction, landscaping, residential recreation
Used as mortar between bricks, concrete blocks, rock or stone walls, under above ground swimming pools, golf course sand traps

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