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Cincinnati Topsoil Delivery

Shredded Topsoil – Covered

Bray has been providing the Greater Cincinnati area with quality natural topsoil for over 25+ years! Our topsoil is collected locally and then prepared and stored at our plant in Alexandria, Kentucky. Topsoil is an essential start material for any yard or raised garden bed. It’s the layer of soil that holds all the nutrients that feed your lawn and plants. Topsoil is also the layer of ground where your grass and plants extend their roots, so having good topsoil allows your lawn and plants to grow strong.

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Shredded Topsoil

Also Known As: Fine or Tilled Topsoil
Uses: Landscaping, lawns
Notes: Top coat, manual labor or slinger distribution

Non Shredded Top Soil

Also Known As: Grassy
Uses: Landscaping, lawns
Notes: Loader distribution

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