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4 Ways Pea Gravel is a Great Landscaping Choice If You Own a Dog…

If you own a sweet, furry friend that likes to run freely around your yard while barking at the wind– this one’s for you! When you first bring home a small puppy it can all seem joyful and fun, you probably don’t even think what owning a dog might mean for your yard. Keeping your yard neat and tidy can be challenging. Perfect yards and dogs just don’t seem to go together. However, there are several ways that you can keep your lawn and landscape looking great while still accommodating your pets. A preferred and effective choice is to place pea gravel in areas that your dog frequents or in a planned dog run. Eager to know more? Below we will discuss how having a dog can impact your yards and the ways that pea gravel can make a difference.

Gravel Can Handle The Four-Legged Foot Traffic

Naturally, dogs are territorial and one way that they show this is by marking their territory. Aside from peeing on everything that smells like another animal, they pace along the perimeter of their home. This is their way of securing the space against intruders and to monitor the yard. Small puppies are known to follow the same path to their favorite spots. By repeating their same moves day-in and day-out, they leave visible damage to your lawn. Installing a shallow trench then filling it with pea gravel might not accommodate the grass and flowers but it is an effective defense against the constant traffic.

The Acidity of Dog Waste Can Damage Your Lawn

Most dogs poop quite a lot. And that waste can cause significant damage as it contains a lot of nitrogen. With each trip to the bathroom, the levels of acidity in your soil build up quickly causing brown patches around your lawn. Take the time to train your dog to stay on the pea gravel for their personal needs. Not only does it protect your grass and eliminate odors.

Pea Gravel Under the Turf Stops The Digging

Several dog breeds enjoy digging in the dirt but that is not good for your lawn. By adding a layer of pea gravel, you will be able to replace some of your grass. With time, this will help to keep your dogs from digging up the whole yard. If your dog decides to dig, they will soon be discouraged– who wants to dig up rocks anyway?

Pea Gravel Is Great For Dog Runs

Perhaps the simplest way to “dogscape” your lawn and landscape is by installing a dog run will a pea gravel base. Construct your run following your dog’s tendencies or to go with the look of your outdoor space. Be sure to consider the size of the gravel as you do not want small pieces of rock getting wedged up in their tiny paws.

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