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How to Choose Materials for Your Next Landscaping Project

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and you’ve got your next landscaping project on your mind.

What materials do you need to get the job done? Let us walk you through the five most common materials to use in landscaping and gardening.

Material Uses Things to Consider
Gravel Rock gardens, edging garden beds, walkways, driveways, drainage, construction
  • Helps suppress weeds in garden beds
  • Beautiful aesthetic
  • Can choose variety of colors and textures
  • Priciest material
Potting Soil For potted plants, including flowers and vegetables
  • Needs to drain well and stay aerated due to potted placement
  • Pricier, but can substitute topsoil blended with organic compost for larger projects
Topsoil Vegetable gardens, flower beds, drainage, evening yards
  • Mid-level price
  • Can be prone to erosion over time
Fill Dirt Raising garden beds, leveling off land, securing retaining walls, construction projects, foundation work
  • Does not shift or decompose over time
  • Does not have nutrients, not good for gardening
  • Cost-effective
  • Packs well
Sand Play areas for children; walkways; stabilizing pavers; drainage; fill around water tanks, septic tanks, or ponds
  • Can be used with gravel for lower-cost backfill projects
  • Aesthetically pleasing for exposed areas
  • Does not retain moisture, good for drainage
  • Does not hold its shape over time


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