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Do You Want a Pea Gravel Patio? This is What You Need to Know…

Outdoor spaces add value, not only for resale but in lifestyle terms as well. If you’re in the process of designing a patio, the breadth of possibilities may strike you as overwhelming. If you are a homeowner, odds are you want your outdoors to be just as functional as the indoors of your home. Consider a pea gravel patio! Pea gravel has been gaining traction as homeowners begin to recognize its benefits for use in patios. Pea gravel consists of small, rounded stones, different colors and pea sizes. Besides the pea gravel’s earthy beauty, pea gravel patios boast several advantages…

Pea Gravel Patios Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Pea grave’s smooth texture and varied colors add sophistication and elegance to any outdoor environment. Flexible to use, pea gravel pours into any area delimited by landscape edging. No matter what shape or design you choose to give your patio, the material is likely to prove itself suitable. Pea gravel patios are visually enticing.

Pea Gravel Patios Are Budget Friendly

In comparison to other patio materials, inexpensive pea gravel lends itself to easy do-it-yourself installation. Hey, even a complete novice can shovel!

Pea Gravel Patios are Relatively Easy to Install

Add pea gravel to a depth of about 2-1/2 inches. Use a garden rake to smooth high spots and fill low spots as you go. Remember, the border should be about 1/2 inch higher than the gravel to help keep the small stones in place. If you feel you are physically unable or not knowledgeable enough to do the project do not hesitate to contact a professional.

Pea Gravel Patios Are Low Maintenance

Pea gravel patios are low-maintenance. All that you’ll need to do is make sure to rake over the surface of the stones on a regular basis in order to remove any leaves, sticks, or other debris. This process will also ensure that the patio area remains level and that you have an even surface. In addition to raking, be sure to reapply fresh pea gravel on an annual basis to ensure your patio looks immaculate for years to come.

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