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Crushed concrete gravel

This Recycled Material Makes Great Driveways. Here’s Why.

Want a new driveway that’s both cost-effective and helps the planet? One of the best environmentally friendly options is recycled from construction sites.

Roads, buildings, sidewalks, and parking lots are torn apart regularly as part of construction projects. When concrete is broken up at a construction site, large chunks of non-compostable waste are created. Unfortunately, used concrete can’t be reused for construction purposes. But instead of going to a landfill, it can be repurposed as a prime driveway material!

Read on to find out how crushed concrete is made and why it’s a planet-friendly driveway material.


From the construction site to your driveway

After being removed from a construction site, concrete is sent away to be processed. Non-concrete building materials are removed, and the concrete is crushed into specified small sizes to become gravel.


How a crushed concrete gravel driveway helps the environment

In addition to being a sustainable, recycled material, crushed concrete has other benefits for the environment. When it rains on a non-gravel concrete driveway, the water forms streams that can then pool or collect harmful chemicals along the way. Physically, runoff can create damage such as erosion and potholes. Plus, when runoff picks up things like lawn and landscaping chemicals, it can harm the environment on a greater scale.

But with a crushed concrete gravel driveway, the water runs through the gravel and absorbs into the soil. Rather than depriving the soil of key nutrients and moisture, a gravel driveway from crushed concrete gives the soil what it needs.

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