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The Best Gravel Driveways Use This Combination of Layers and Rock Sizes So They Drain Efficiently and Stay in Place…

Many homeowners choose gravel for their driveways as it is affordable and easy to maintain. You might be quick to think that gravel is gravel so what you use it for and the amount that you have laid does not matter. While gravel does serve many purposes, you must create a plan on how to install a new gravel driveway. It is easy to assume that all you need is a few truckloads of the same size gravel dumped and spread out but it takes much more than that. Professionals recommend using a blend of various sizes to form a quality surface that can drain efficiently and stay in place. If not, you will spend a lot of your time raking up stray gravel to get it back in place. To properly construct a gravel driveway, a mix of three different gravel sizes is necessary. In this article we will discuss this blend and the role they play in the construction of gravel driveways.

It All Starts with a Base Layer

#2 Limestone gravel is most commonly used as the base for gravel driveways. These small rocks are able to form a solid and dependable foundation while providing adequate drainage. Both of these factors are an essential part of constructing a gravel driveway. Using heavy machinery, professionals crush rocks until they achieve the #2 Limestone gravel which are often irregular shapes.

The Layer In-between

Your middle layer consists of golf ball sized gravel developed from #57 stone. This crushed layer of gravel forms an ideal substrate that allows water to drain efficiently without carrying pieces of gravel with it.

And Finally, the Top Layer

This is the layer that everyone sees, walks and drives on. Typically, the top layer consists of finer gravel made with small stones and rock dust. These two components form together over time to form a tightly bonded surface. You can expect that this will last for many years despite being used daily. You will have multiple color options to choose from to fit the needs and design of your home and hardscapes.

Trust the Professionals

Gravel driveways that are installed by professionals will look good and last long. They will make sure that the layers are compacted to help avoid improper settling and gaps where the different types of gravel meet. Failing to do so can lead to the demise of your gravel driveway.

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