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5 Ways To Remove Snow and Ice From Your Gravel Driveway

Gravel driveways are known for their affordability, versatility, and environmental friendliness. But what happens when Jack Frost blows into town, bringing his wintry mix of slippery ground coverings?

Snow and ice can create a number of issues in gravel driveways, such as ruts, potholes, and washouts as the snow melts. And inevitably, gravel will move regardless of whether you remove snow from the driveway.

Fear not! With a little adjusting to how you remove snow, your gravel driveway will fare just as well as an asphalt driveway would. Here are our top tips for removing snow from your gravel driveway.

1. Rock salt and melting materials work best. Preparation is always best if you can swing it. Check your snow/ice melt instructions, but many work best if you put them down ahead of a storm blowing into town. That way, they have a chance to work on the first flakes that fall. But life happens, and sometimes you can’t do the prep work before a winter storm comes your way. If you didn’t make it outside before the weather hit, you can still use ice melters after the flakes fall. If there is a heavy layer of snow on top, it’s best to use a shovel or rake to get closer to the gravel first. Then, you can apply salt.

2. Try a shovel first. The top layer of snow is the first to be addressed. Clear it just like you would an asphalt sidewalk by using a snow shovel. However, once you get to the bottom layers where the snow and ice mix with the gravel, switch out your tools. Then it’s time to…

3. Use a garden rake. Got snow that’s heavy and wet? A garden rake is surprisingly effective at removing dense snow. It’s also perfect for getting into the bottom layers of snow while keeping the gravel somewhat in place.

4. Got a snowplow? You can still use it. You might think a snowplow would be one of the worst ways to remove snow from a gravel driveway. If you have one, just be prepared to rake or shovel the gravel back into place after the storm has passed.

5. Blow that snow away. Snowblowers can also still be used on a gravel driveway! But caution must be exercised. Be sure to set the blower to a half inch above the gravel so you don’t blow off your gravel—and potentially damage your snowblower.

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