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Topsoil 101

You need topsoil for your next garden or landscaping project—at least you think you do. Where do you even start to make topsoil plans? Read on for a comprehensive review of what to consider when using topsoil in your next home improvement mission.

Before you start

What kind of topsoil do I need?

Dirt is dirt, right? Not exactly.

Soil for a vegetable garden will differ greatly from dirt to level terrain or soil for a visual landscaping project. The experts at Bray Topsoil & Gravel can help you determine which topsoil best fits your project.

When should I use topsoil?

The best time to put down topsoil is when it’s dry out. Spring makes a great season to lay topsoil because then the binding elements in the soil have time to settle before winter’s snow.

How much do I need?

And finally, how much will you need? Using our convenient topsoil calculator, you can easily determine how much you need for the job at hand.

Not sure if you need fill dirt or topsoil? Read more here.

What projects might require topsoil?

Fill in low spots in the yard: Got dips? Most yards do. Natural erosion from rainfall creates pockets and holes in your yard. To even the surface and encourage new grass growth, holes can be filled in with topsoil.

Gardening: Dirt’s not just dirt when it comes to decorative plants and vegetable gardens. They need the right nutrients to be able to thrive and give you the best-tasting produce and most beautiful flowers.

Drainage: Are there random wet areas in your yard? Soggy spots can create a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. Filling those in with topsoil can help disperse the standing water, relieving the drainage issue.

Why shredded topsoil?

When selecting topsoil for your project, consider the value of using shredded topsoil. Shredding makes the topsoil uniform and removes any lumps, bumps, and clumps. This makes application easier and improves the look of any exposed topsoil. Plants love the drainage, aeration, and nutrients of quality shredded topsoil. They’re better able to spread healthy roots in soil that’s custom-selected for growth.

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