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Having Problems Growing a Nice Lawn or Keeping Healthy, Thriving Plants? You May Need a Topsoil Refresher…

Topsoil can get depleted of it’s life giving nutrients overtime due to continuous use or environmental factors like wind or water. If you are experiencing erosion, it can disrupt the nutritional balance that plants require from it to grow healthy and strong. In most cases soil will erode quicker than it can be formed in nature. It takes about 500 years for nature to create an inch of topsoil so your soil will need to be refreshed from time to time to perform it’s best. Adding a rich layer of high quality topsoil gives plants the food they need to flourish, but not all topsoil is the same so make sure to do your homework before you buy. The following will help you understand the difference between Bulk and Bagged Topsoil and when to use each of them…

Bulk Topsoil 

Bulk topsoil doesn’t have anything added to it and it’s sifted through screens to make sure it has a smooth and fine consistency. Bulk topsoil is great to use under sod or as a top dressing for lawns. Most bulk topsoil is taken from construction sites where it is unwanted for some reason or another. It is then kept for residential and commercial uses by aggregate companies like Bray Topsoil and Gravel. Bulk topsoil allows you to handle larger projects in a less expensive way. Many home and business owners work directly with aggregate companies to get shipments of topsoil brought to their projects. Others work with landscaping companies who have relationships with aggregate companies to deliver large shipments of topsoil as needed.

Bagged Topsoil

Topsoil purchased from a bag is a manufactured product. In most cases bagged topsoil has had sand, plant matter, fertilizer, and more added to it before being composted. Bags are usually best for small projects when only a small amount of nutrients need to be added to the existing topsoil. Larger garden renovation and landscaping projects will require bulk topsoil because buying bags causes logistical, economical, and environmental challenges.

Bray Topsoil & Gravel can deliver top quality soil and fill dirt directly to you in the Greater Cincinnati Area! If you aren’t the do-it-yourself type, we have many long standing relationships with quality landscapers in the area. 

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