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3 Myths About Top Soil Explained…

Homeowners and business owners who want to promote healthy, lush growth in their yards or garden frequently choose to have a fresh layer of topsoil installed prior to planting. This encourages the kind of moist and nutritious circumstances necessary for plants to flourish. Unfortunately, many people fail to appreciate the wealth of advantages that topsoil offers them. Certain homeowners and business owners hold mistaken ideas about the nature and purpose of topsoil. Such misinformation causes them to miss out on the benefits of topsoil… 

Top Soil Myth 1 – Top Soil Does Not Require Prep Work

While a healthy layer of topsoil will do wonders for your plants, you still need to do additional work to have a thriving garden. You need to till the soil as you normally do when planting your flowers and vegetables. Soil gets compacted over time. Don’t trick yourself into believing that topsoil gives you a shortcut around work. In order to get the most from your topsoil, you must be prepared to do some necessary prep work.

Top Soil Myth 2 – All Topsoil Is Essentially the Same

Many people equate topsoil with black soil. Black soil gets its dark color from the presence of broken down organic components. While these components form the backbone of any good topsoil, a soil’s color shouldn’t be used as catch-all criteria. Even within the same yard, topsoil can differ from one area to another. Variants of topsoil are different because of their specific combinations of components. Sand, silt, and clay compose topsoil in various different proportions. Topsoil also contains organic matter, or decomposed plant matter, insects, and organisms like earthworms, oxygen, air, and water. Any reputable topsoil dealer should be able to furnish you with a full breakdown of their topsoil’s composition.

Top Soil Myth 3 – I Can Use Dirt From My Yard In My Garden Bed For Topsoil

Those who scoff at the idea of installing topsoil often do so because they believe that no difference exists between topsoil and the dirt already in their yard. After all, isn’t topsoil by definition just the soil at the top of your lawn? Strictly speaking, this may be true. After all, topsoil can be literally defined as the top 2 to 8 inches of soil found anywhere on Earth. The soil already in your yard will likely not have enough organic matter to properly add nutrients to your garden bed. It is best to purchase topsoil and then till a two or three inch layer into the existing soil, and then layer with five more inches on the top. A high-quality topsoil can greatly increase the chances that grass, shrubs, and garden plants and vegetables will thrive in the environment around your home or office.

Topsoil will give your plants the best support could they could have. It differs greatly from full dirt, potting soil, and mulch.

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