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4 Major Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid When Improving Your Home or Office Grounds…

It may be a cliché, but, in real estate, first impressions really are everything. Proper landscaping can significantly boost your home’s value and your property’s appearance. It is not as easy as gathering some landscape supply material and placing it all around. There are landscaping errors that you need to look out for in order to avoid ruining your property. In this article we would like to list some of the major landscaping mistakes to avoid.

Don’t Start Landscaping Without a Plan or Budget

You need to start outlining every plan and decision so you are not getting overwhelmed when you start. Winging it is a terrible idea, thinking long term is a great idea. Make sure you are planning ahead and selecting plants that “look pretty” can lead to a haphazard accumulation of plants. Know what they will look like when they mature and how much room they will need. You will need a budget for plants, mulch, rental equipment, hardscape material, design, labor, etc. These things aren’t cheap and they add up fast. Get some ballpark costs before your start your project or let a professional manage the whole thing for you.

Don’t Pickup Your Own Landscape Supply

Mulch, soil, fill dirt and gravel can be delivered. That’s what Bray Topsoil and Gravel does! It is important to choose the best available products to keep your yard healthier and more attractive. A landscape supplier, like Bray, can provide the highest quality mulch, soil, fill dirt and additional landscaping products to help your flowers, trees, plants, and shrubs look great at a price you can afford. The company will deliver these items directly to your yard.

Don’t Use Too Much Crushed Gravel

A one inch layer of small crushed rocks can provide adequate weed control. Crushed rocks can look good and using a little bit can work great but too much can overcrowd your plants and look tacky.

Don’t Let Ivy or Vines Cover Your Home

Whether built of masonry or wood, buildings will likely suffer from being covered with vegetation. Ivy and some vines can become a dense mat that traps moisture in the walls. … Covering exterior walls with a living leafy skin will not allow the moisture migrating through the walls a chance to evaporate. Lots of homeowners think the vines and ivy climbing up a home looks good but it actually look terrible, unless you properly trim these vines. But if they end up covering windows, gutters and the rest of your home it looks very unkempt.

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