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What Is Topsoil, What Is It Used For, and What Kind Do You Need?…

Why is topsoil so important? In your business or in your home garden when it comes to landscaping you hear the word topsoil all the time. We would like to answer some of the most common questions about topsoil in this article.

What is Topsoil?

Almost every homeowner or business has said at sometime, “We need to buy some topsoil.” It could be to fill flower beds, build up the vegetable garden or cover sandy or clay soils when putting in a lawn. Topsoil is the top layer of the earth’s surface. The topsoil layer is about 5 to 10 inches down into the ground. This dark colored soil is rich in organic matter and microorganism. The top layer is where plant roots can be found as nutrients are easy to obtain here.

What is Topsoil Used For?

Yes, we know it is used for gardening and landscaping but it can also be used to repair damage to lawns or to level out a yard or to improve soil drainage.

Sand? Clay? Loam? What Type of Soil Do You Have?

Although scientists use many methods to classify soil, gardeners usually describe soil using words like “sandy,” “clay,” and “loam.” These terms describe a soil’s texture. Knowing your soil’s texture will help you predict how it will behave under different conditions. It’s the first step toward creating the best conditions for the plants you’re growing.

  • Sand topsoil as you guessed has a higher proportion of minerals and rocks. Sand topsoil is often used for commercial and agricultural projects.
  • Loam topsoil contains proportions of silt, clay and sand. It is often used in farming and is found in naturally fertile areas. It contains more moisture and nutrients than sand topsoil.
  • Clay topsoil contains a greater proposition of decayed organic material. It is less prone to water erosion, clay topsoil can be a good choice when creating barriers.

What Kind of Topsoil Do I Need?

If you do not know what type of soil you have you may want to consider having a sample tested. That would let you know what your garden really needs to thrive. You will want to choose a topsoil with the correct proportions of sand, clay or loam as well as nutrients that will add to your gardens survival. Drainage is also important so your topsoil should also retain enough moisture for your plants.

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