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A Beginner’s Guide To Topsoil and It’s 4 Main Uses…

Whether you are new to gardening or a pro at growing, knowing what topsoil is, and why it is important, is crucial for your little sprouts success! Topsoil is important for flower beds, gardens, lawns, and many other uses around your yard!

What Is Topsoil Made Of?

The term topsoil essentially describes the upmost, top layer of ground where plants are able to grow. However, the importance of topsoil comes from what it is made of. Topsoil is formed over many, many years, with the weathering and erosion of rocks and sediment. The topsoil contains the decomposition of once living things, providing minerals and nutrients to the soil. Any plants, animals, or other organic matter that decomposes into the soil provides all of the things that are essential for new plant growth. Topsoil is no quick process for nature and takes years to form. It is vital to care for our topsoil, if we want continued growth for gardens, lawns, flower beds, and even proper drainage!

Adding Topsoil To Improve Your Lawn

Do you have a dry lawn with sparse grass? Adding topsoil is a great way to remedy a damaged lawn. 

1. Choose a topsoil that is full of nutrients and minerals for your lawn. You can ask your local landscape companies what type they recommend for lawn growth.
2. Purchase enough to spread a 2 inch layer over the area struggling to grow new grass.
3. Using a wheelbarrow and a shovel, go around your lawn and add a fresh layer of topsoil into sparse areas and level it out.
4. You can add new grass seed and rake it into the added topsoil.
5. Water daily and your new lawn will be lush with new grass soon!

Topsoil To Aid Drainage Problems

Some homeowners face flooded lawns and drainage issues each time they receive heavy rainfall. If your yard is prone to holding water, it may be due to the quality of your topsoil. Yards with a large amount of clay in the soil tend to hold water. Spreading a thick layer of a sandy mix of topsoil and mixing to a depth of 12 inches can help provide better drainage in your yard. It also protects plant roots in your yard from being damaged by root-rot from the soil holding water for too long. This method can be applied over your whole yard, or just in problem areas.

Topsoil For Home Grown Fruits And Vegetables

Whether you are caring for an existing garden, or creating a new raised garden, these are the steps you want to follow:

1. Choose a topsoil that is full of nutrients and minerals for your garden.
2. You want to start by adding a new layer of topsoil onto the existing layer. You will want to add around 2 inches.
3. Thoroughly mix the existing layer of soil with the new layer to allow for good drainage and to ensure the new nutrients are available below for existing plants, as well as new plants.

Screened Versus Unscreened Topsoil

When you go to purchase topsoil, you may see two types, and wonder which one you really need. Topsoil that is labeled as “screened topsoil” has been put through a mesh strainer and filtered. It is finer and less bulky than unscreened topsoil. The advantage to choosing screened topsoil is better water flow and better distributed minerals and nutrients. Choosing unscreened topsoil may be more cost efficient, and is still a good option, even for beginners!

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