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Landscaping Tips – 4 Frequently Asked Questions about Fill Dirt…

Fill dirt is comprised of soil that sits below the nutrient-rich top layer of dirt and may also be referred to as subsoil. This type of dirt has virtually no organic matter in it but may include things like rocks, stones, or sand. The dirt can be purchased either screened or unscreened, with screened dirt allowing for the removal of large particles of matter that may be naturally incorporated into the mix. Fill dirt is used to fill in holes or depressions in the ground or to create dirt mounds that would change the elevation or grade of an existing land area. 

Will Fill Dirt Help Me Grow Grass At the Lower Points of My Property?

Fill dirt can be tightly packed into the low points of your property. You can then add topsoil on top of the fill to plant new grass or lay sod.

What is the Difference Between Fill Dirt and Topsoil?

Fill dirt consists of a mixture of broken down rocks, sand and clay. It contains little fertility for plants to grow, or any organic matter. Topsoil contains organic matter and is likely to shift or settle over time. If you are looking for filler then fill dirt will provide a more stable material. Both can be great materials to use on your property, but each has their individual purposes. Topsoil is nutrient-rich material that sits at the top of the earth’s layers. Topsoil is much better option for growing plants than fill dirt. Plants roots, grow and thrive in the more spacious material of topsoil.

Do My Trees Need Fill Dirt?

Fill dirt will improve your soil for previous planted trees but don’t use it for newly planted trees. Add three or four feet of much in diameter around the tree for newly planted trees instead. .

Do Landscaping Improvements Add Value To My Home?

Statistically the advantage ranges from 5.5 percent to 12.7 percent depending on the type of landscaping and the property’s original value. That translates into an extra $16,500 to $38,100 in value on a $300,000 home. Placing fill dirt on your property and filling in problem areas can be a great way to improve the way potential buyers feel about your property.

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